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It is I who am Mooike! My mum's name is Barbara (Bella) and she is the one who dyes all the yarn that I don't get to play with just watch. She is always busy with yarn, fabric and her other crazy plans.

I live with Bella, my dad, a the girl called Molly and 2 cats called Pink and Floyd. (Guess what music my master likes) On the other side of my fence lives my best friend Siv.


My name is Siv. My mother's name is Carita and she is great at everything to do with computers, money and Excel. My mother is often out with me and we run and exercise. She has also started knitting more and more since we got new neighbours, very strange.

We live in a house with my husband and 4 big children, some only live here sometimes. 
It's nice when everyone is at home.
Next to us lives my friend Mooike, she also has 2 cats and they are fun to chase in the garden but they are too fast to catch. 

 It is over the fence where many new plans are hatched and many boxes of yarn are passed back and forth because when Bella has dyed, Carita puts on labels and takes nice pictures for the website.
It also happens that a freshly baked bread or cake slips along :-)




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